Equipment Types

Wilsea Services LLC can handle waste recycling and waste disposal solutions for equipment such as mainframes, networking, telecoms, digital and analogue broadcasting, mobile communication infrastructures, desktop computers, peripherals, circuit boards, components, excess and obsolete inventory, storage media destruction (eg. Hard drives) and bulk document security shredding with solid audit trails and reporting regimes.

Recycling Solutions

Wilsea Services operates using Best Available Treatment, Recovery and Recycling Techniques (BATRRT). All materials received are processed using such techniques with additional advanced processes developed in house through research, experience and solid industry knowledge. It is with these techniques being utilised that our clients have end to end peace of mind and confidence in the recycling regimes adopted by Wilsea Services LLC that positions us in front of our competitors

Our core competency is to specialise in secure and ethical IT equipment disposal including computer disposal, laptop disposal and recycling. Handling a large variety of project, Wilsea has the expertise, experience to provide peace of mind and an environmentally-focused IT equipment disposal solution, focusing on re-use rather than traditional IT recycling.

With a strong emphasis on the re-use of equipment as opposed to computer recycling, we can create a balance between profitability and green issues.